A Cowboy Town

Making happy memories for little ones and grownups too!

Go back in time and enjoy being a cowpoke for the day with good ole fashion family fun. Enjoy relaxing on 116 acres of the beautiful Ramblin’ Breeze Valley only 10 minutes from downtown Nashville.  This family owned business offers horseback riding, primitive camping, hiking, picnics, fishing, giant bonfires, hayrides, campfire cookouts, Wild West gunfights, live cowboy music, and much more. We specialize in any size or type of party occasion. Contact us for birthdays, family reunions, company picnics, team building seminars, church socials, weddings, rehearsals, etc. Visit our links for information on your specific entertainment needs.

Horse Riding


There’s nothing like a full day of good old fashioned horseback riding to get you feeling like a genuine cowpoke. You’ll quickly realize why they walk like that.

Unique to A Cowboy Town are our gaited horses. Over half of our horses are TN Walking/Saddle horses. They have a very smooth, comfortable gait for folks with old or aching bones. Bring a group  and request a gaited ride with a no trot guarantee for no extra cost.

4 to 12 year olds qualify for the children rate. If your child is 4-6 years old, they are too small to be independent on their own horse, so we will do a lead around with them. Insurance companies do not allow parents doubling on a horse for safety reasons. They get to sit on a horse while a wrangler walks them to Kickapoo Lake and back. You are welcome to walk along side and take pictures.  We will do our best to accommodate handicap needs, but all riders must be able to sit independently with balance.

Cowboy Town has very sweet, tolerant horses. We try to take the very best care of them. They are kept current on all vaccinations (to include West Niles), regular worming, and we feed a high quality hay and premium grain twice a day.

Wranglers work hard to keep riders safe, so the ride can be enjoyed by all. Wranglers do have the authority to ban any rider mishandling a horse, endangering themselves or endangering other riders. We absolutely will not tolerate our horses being mishandled. Anyone under the influence will be asked to leave. Most of our riders are inexperienced. If you are an advanced rider, we recommend coming during the week for an individualized, more challenging ride.

Dont forget to read and fill out our Horse riding release form.

If you call and reserve in advance, we will open any day and any time of the year for a $200.00 minimum.

Thanksgiving thru the first of May our horses take Winter vacation.

 Call to reserve your favorite horse:  (615) 242-6201    M-F    (615) 876-1029    weekends


A Cowboy Town

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